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Have you ever wondered which area of your business gets the grubbiest? Without regular drive-thru cleaning, our money is on your drive-thru lanes. Unfortunately, few companies devote as much time and resources to cleaning this space as they do to the interior. 

After all, what does it matter? Your client doesn’t get out of the car, so they won’t notice oil stains, grime, or food spills, right? Wrong; customers tend to be more observant than we give them credit for today. 

Not only are they likely to notice the mess, but they might even feel you are as slack with the cleanliness inside too. Not many people choose to eat somewhere where hygiene is lacking. Also, since they don’t get out of their car, you cannot convince them they are mistaken in their opinion. 

Southern Appearance has the solution for this dilemma. Our thorough exterior cleaning and drive-thru cleaning service can transform your space from blah to pristine. We effectively remove the toughest grease and oil stains without damaging the underlying surface. 

When your clients see you are serious about pressure washing and concrete cleaning, they’ll feel more comfortable ordering food outside and inside.

Why Do We Need Drive-Thru Cleaning?

Aside from aesthetic reasons, there are proper safety and liability concerns. For example, rotting food or spilled drinks attract pests that can make their way into your establishment. While some clients let things get messy, few tolerate rats near their food. 

Even if your customers never see the furry little critters, there’s little chance that the health inspector will miss them. Hiring a cleaning service for regular power washing is the best way to maintain a hygienic space. 

Secondly, we need to consider managing liability. For example, you’ll face an expensive lawsuit if a client walks on that path and slips on food or oil. Drive-thru cleaning minimizes the risks of such incidents and demonstrates that you practice due diligence if something happens.

Why Choose Us?

With all the cleaning professionals out there, why choose Southern Appearance? Our clients rely on us because we offer the following: 

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