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For some, graffiti removal is a form of censorship. However, for business owners, target cleaning their buildings is a matter of survival. While some outstanding graffiti artists are out there, not all tags are beautiful, and some are offensive. 

There’s also the misconception that tagging means an area is dangerous or seedy. In short, business owners have little choice but to act. 

Fortunately, thanks to our comprehensive graffiti removal service, they do not have to act alone. Southern Appearance will restore your surfaces once again.

How We Successfully Remove Graffiti

Successful graffiti removal relies upon adopting the correct approach or risking causing more harm. Our expert team considers the following factors when determining the best recovery strategy.

Contact our team when you notice the paint for the best results.

Professional Ways to Remove Graffiti

The good news is that it’s almost always possible to remove all the ink without damage if you call us quickly. The bad news is that some clients make the situation worse by attempting to remove the marks themselves. 

Nine times out of ten, their efforts push the stain in deeper. They then have to call us in any way and pay more because we have to fix both messes. Call us immediately to remove graffiti in the following cases:

Our methods are highly effective but gentle enough not to damage the underlying surface. We can effect graffiti removal from several surfaces, including:

If you need our assistance but are unsure what we can do, give us a call. We’re happy to send an inspector out to evaluate the damage and discuss our removal strategy.

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