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You’ve had enough of the caked-in grime on your property’s exterior surfaces and decided it’s time for a thorough pressure wash. But how much time should you set aside for this task; a few hours, an entire weekend, or the whole week? For the experts at Southern Appearance, it takes roughly three to five hours to pressure wash a medium-sized home, but the time depends on a few factors.

Below, we explore what goes into professional pressure washing, to give you an idea of how long it might take us to pressure clean your home.

The Size of Your House

It’s obvious that pressure washing a 4,000-square-foot home will take longer than one that’s only 1,500 square feet. However, there are various other factors to consider aside from your home’s square footage.

For instance, your house may have a limited footprint, but it can take a considerable amount of time to clean if it has multiple stories or hard-to-reach areas. Will it need specialized equipment and skills to clean such areas without causing any damage? Add some time to your estimate.

Do you have areas to clean besides your exterior walls? You’ll need more time for each deck, driveway, fence, gutter, and garage floor you want to cover.

The Surrounding Landscape

Is your house close to trees or similar structures? If so, pressure washing your home’s exterior surfaces could take a little longer. If the professionals have a hard time reaching all the exterior surfaces for a proper wash, they’ll also need to implement measures to protect your landscaping and keep your plants safe during the cleaning process. 

These additional considerations ensure everything goes well, but they will add to the time it takes to complete the pressure washing job.

The amount of Grime to Tackle

Another factor you can’t play down when it comes to pressure washing is the level of gunk that’s stuck onto the surfaces. If you can’t remember the last time a professional cleaned your home’s exterior, it might be a tedious cleaning job!

The type of grime you’re dealing with will also affect how long the task will take. Removing dirt, algae, mold, pollen, and other gunk can take a while, especially if they’ve been on the surface for long enough to stain it or embed themselves in it. That’s why experts highly recommend pressure washing at least once a year to prevent nasty buildup and stubborn stains.

Preparation Time

A reliable pressure cleaning company will take some time to fully prepare the surfaces for cleaning and select the right equipment, cleaning solutions, and safety gear, noticing signs like accumulated dirt, mold growth, or a dull appearance, to ensure an amazing job. Hiring a professional pressure washing company is worth this time if you want sparkling surfaces that look like new, especially if you’ve noticed fading colors, stubborn stains, or a lackluster exterior, without the damage of a rushed job.

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