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Does your property show signs that you need professional pressure washing? Before booking pressure washing services, do proper research and know the right questions to ask. This guide uncovers all the questions you should ask every pressure washing company.  

What Are Your Qualifications?

This question is multi-faceted, but in general, you should look for the following qualifications from any pressure washing company to know they are reputable. 

Certified Technicians

Pressure washing uses powerful equipment that can be extremely dangerous to operate without the proper training. Companies should have technicians who hold industry certification and therefore know all the correct techniques for pressure washing various surfaces.


Accidents can happen on the job site, but pressure washers who carry insurance take the liability off of you should anything go wrong. It’s crucial to protect yourself and only use a pressure washing company that is fully insured. This is a necessary qualification to look for in your search. 

Local Accolades and Recognition

Does the business have any local accolades? This is a great way to earn the trust of potential clients because it gives you a sense of their reputation within the community. In particular, you should look for the following:

  • Accreditation and rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Positive online reviews from customers
  • A steady stream of business since their opening

Is There a Service Guarantee?

You are hiring a company to provide a service, so shouldn’t you be happy with the results? Always ask about a service guarantee before booking pressure washing. You want to deal with companies who put your satisfaction first and don’t consider the job complete until you’re happy. 

What Does Your Cleaning Process Entail?

Most people only care about lifting dirt and debris from surfaces. However, getting an idea of the entire cleaning process is smart before scheduling a pressure washing service. 

You want to find out exactly how a crew approaches each project, especially if you have different surfaces that need a wash. Their process for roof cleaning, house washing, and deck cleaning will likely differ since each structure can handle different levels of water pressure. Be sure to find out the details of their cleaning solutions and washing techniques. 

Can You Work Around My Schedule?

Ideally, you want to hire pressure washers who adjust to your schedule instead of the other way around. Some businesses only operate during standard hours which makes it difficult for you to schedule a service around your busy life. Find out if they’ll coordinate a time that works best for you, even if that means it falls outside of their normal business hours. 

Choose Southern Appearance Pressure Washing for Professional Pressure Washing Services!

Get your property sparkly and spotless with the help of Southern Appearance Pressure Washing. We are more than qualified for the job with certified and insured techs, a service guarantee, and a foolproof cleaning process. Call 843-534-3428 to learn more or to book a service today. 

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