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You take pride in your home and want it to look its best. Professional pressure washing is an excellent way to breathe life into a dull, dingy exterior. In this post, Southern Appearance Pressure Washing explains how to know when it’s time to call a pressure washing service for help with exterior cleaning. 

Discolored Roof

Splotches on your roof might indicate moss, mildew, or mold growth, while black streaks are stains left by algae. All of this organic growth is bad news for your roof. Stop these plants from eating into the roof with a thorough annual clean. 

Dingy Siding

We know the deal; you planned to clean the siding but never quite got that far. There’s no need to worry about it; we’re happy to step in and reveal the clean surface underneath the grime. What’s more, if it’s nearly time to repaint the siding, pressure washing prepares the surface perfectly. 

Higher-Than-Normal Energy Bills 

Algae on the roof attract heat, causing hot spots. Dirt decreases the efficiency of your solar panels, increasing your reliance on the electrical grid. Finally, dirt might disguise holes in the insulation, causing it to cost more to regulate the temperature inside your home. 

Overflowing Gutters

If water drips over the side of the gutters, or if they sag or have plants growing in them, you need help. Blocked gutters are ineffective at leading the water away from your home. The moisture can seep into the walls or your foundation, causing significant structural damage. Professional pressure washing can clear your gutters and get them working properly again.

Grimy Driveway

Are you wondering if it’s time to repave your driveway due to tire marks and other stains? Before you ask around for estimates, call our team to clean the surface. Our highly effective techniques lift stubborn marks, leaving the surface looking like new. 

Dirty Deck

Your deck doesn’t get much love in the cooler months, but you want it to be party-ready in summer. But if it looks muddy or has algae growing on it, you probably won’t want to have people over. 

We can remedy that for you in one afternoon. Call us when it’s time to refinish the deck as well. Pressure cleaning is the best way to get the clean you need. 

Spider Webs

Spider webs look great during Halloween, but that’s only a few days a year. Call us to clear away the cobwebs and make your property look like a clean and tidy home again. That haunted house persona will put buyers off. 

Rust Stains

Dealing with rust stains as quickly as possible is always wise. The longer the mark stays in place, the higher the chance that it will be set permanently. We can lift the stain without bleaching the surrounding concrete. 

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